Since 2010, GA by GA realize various activities for everyone who loves or wonders the great art of folding paper. The activities include workshops, social responsibility projects, organizations, origami training for adults and children in many cities of Turkey, especially in İstanbul.
As we can serve everywhere in Istanbul, we can provide more educational and workshop services in many cities, especially in Mersin, Adana, Ankara,  Bursa, Kocaeli and nearby areas in different cities. It is possible to arrange a training program in case of collecting at least 10 training requests in any city.
If you love origami and if you are also interested in folding paper, please reach us at We will keep you informed on our services or activities.
As the website will be updated very often, we will not translate every issue to English here. But if you have any questions related with origami, please reach us though and we will reply you back as soon as possible.